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TPDT™ Thermo-set Pre-curved Design Technology
All our gloves are produced via our TPDT™ technology. Placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, our gloves are also washed and dried via a method specifically developed by our in-house engineers. This method offers our users freedom of movement and the increased sensitivity that has earned Wonder Grip its international reputation.
HDML™ High Density Molecular Latex
Wonder Grip released a new generation of latex coating. HDML™ formula results of a delicate process of combining specific substances in order to obtain a higher molar concentration compare to formal concentration of standard latex.This new coating inherently combines effective high-friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance properties and the high less fatiguing grip performance in its segment.
Latest innovation from Wonder Grip, Bee-series™ encapsulate a full set of technologies offering a yet to seen experience.Our team of researchers pioneered a new knitting technique, inspired by the geometrical shape of honeycombs.This shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight.Based on the same concept, liners knitted with Bee-series™ technique, can handle a lot of torque force while offering twice the breathability* versus standard knitting, thanks to its double knitting technique. Bee-series™ liners are ultra lightweight and also the first knitting technique enhancing the grip due to its shape on the palm.*diameter 10mm 300pa 2857.6mm/s vs1503.6mm/s
At Wonder Grip, the definition of comfort goes beyond the feeling of physical ease. We strive to develop unique hand protection solutions providing to the users a condition of well-being, contentment and security.Based on this concept, Wonder Grip developed a new series of liners designed to reduce nervous and muscular fatigue aiming to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. The upper part of the liner is made of fibres whose technical characteristics guarantee real feeling of second skin and ensure free movement. The lower part of the liner is made of nylon and reinforced by a unique support developed by our R&D department. It goes up to the middle of the hand to ensure a snug and secure fit preventing the inflammation of joints and tendons.
WG-422 Bee-Smart encapsulates our brand-new Bee-series™ knitting technique and our new generation of latex in-house developed, the HDML™ coating. The upper part of the gloves is made of an ultra lightweight liner offering both high resistance to torsion and unmatched breathability. Bee-series™ knitting technique creates a unique shape on the palm maximizing the coefficient of friction delivered by the coating itself. The low part of the glove benefits from the DuaLiner™ technology and its special support on the back of hand ensuring a snug and secure fit. WG-422 Be-Smart sets a new standard for comfort at work, and become the ultimate glove for general handling work.
Key features
Ultra-lightweight liner offering both high resistance to torsion and unmatched breathability
Knitting technique creating a unique shape on the palm and maximizing grip
High grip performance for safe handling in dry and wet applications
Soft coating, enhancing hand movement for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue
Type of protection
• General purpose
• Heat resistance
• Construction-and-public-works
• Warehousing-packing-and-logistics
• Assembly
Norms and certifications
EN 388
EN 407
Support Polyester
Coating level Latex , Palm coated
Gauge 13
Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging 144 pairs / box, 12 pairs / polybag