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The OPTY™ OP-600L glove, is our new glove protective against chemical risks in dry, oily or humid environments. Thanks to the rough finish on the palm, the grip is excellent in every environments. The triple PVC coating ensures a perfect oil resistance. The liner made of seamless cotton offers an incomparable dexterity. The hands of the users are fully protected thanks to the length (30cm). EN 374-1: AJK / A = Methanol / J = n-Heptane / K = Sodium Hydroxide 40%
Key features
Optimised fit and extended anti-wear properties with chemical resistance
Coating on the palm with a rough finish for additional grip control in every environment
Soft coating, enhancing hand movement for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue
The long cuff can be folded to prevent chemicals from dripping down the wearer's arms and body
Type of protection
• Liquids
• Chemical
• Industrial oils
• 農作業
• 建設・工事
• 公共事業
• ゴミ回収
• 石油・ガス
• Mining industry
Norms and certifications
EN 388
EN 374
Support Cotton
コーティングレベル PVC , 完全にコーティング
Gauge 13
Size 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging 72双 / 1箱, 12双 / 1袋