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Wonder Grip Perfomance™
In house engineered, Wonder Grip Performance™ has been developed to answer today’s complex and changing working environment. The Wonder Grip Performance™ formula properties, have allowed the development of a remarkable thin and smooth protective coating providing exceptional levels of sensitivity and dexterity at fingertips. Wonder Grip Performance™ special blended NBR coating is also free of latex and silicon. As a result, users will benefit an outstanding flexibility, high level of tactility and uncompromising control during tasks in in dry environment.
TPDT™ Thermo-set Pre-curved Design Technology
All our gloves are produced via our TPDT™ technology. Placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, our gloves are also washed and dried via a method specifically developed by our in-house engineers. This method offers our users freedom of movement and the increased sensitivity that has earned Wonder Grip its international reputation.
To knit the support for each of our gloves, fibres are selected according to highly specific criteria. This is the case of Tsunooga™ polyethylene, the fibre we have chosen to knit our cut-resistant gloves from.It is produced by the Japanese firm Toyobo. This fibre is not only extremely resistant, offering excellent anti-cut properties, but it is also ideal for manufacturing soft and comfortably textured gloves. No solvents are used to produce this fibre, hence rendering it more hygienic and healthier to use than other polyethylene fibres. Tsunooga™ fibre also boasts specific high thermal conductivity properties, which enable it to absorb and distribute natural body heat. The incorporation of this fibre enables us to produce gloves that offer a feeling of freshness on the skin.
Touch screen
Wonder Grip enhanced its coating to answer today’s digital working environment. Users stay protected and freely can use any devices with gloves on.
WG-788 Dexcut® is a single nitrile coated glove, in a 13-gauge HPPE, mineral fibre and spandex liner providing high cut resistance (ISO 13997 grade D), while offering unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled comfort. WG-788 Dexcut® is made from Tsunooga™ high performance polyethylene fibres to provide superior cut resistance, while maintaining excellent flexibility and comfort. WG-788 also benefits from our Wonder Grip Performance™ coating offering heat resistance (EN407:2004 X1XXXX) and a strong grip. WG-788 is touch screen and smart phone compatible for better working conditions.
Key features
Soft flexible liner, engineered with Tsunooga® Japanese yarn to offer cut level A4/D protection
Excellent tactile sensitivity with superior comfort, thus surpassing industry standards
Reinforced thumb crotch for increased protection and extended use-life
IT-compatible with touch screen functionality for improved working conditions.
Type of protection
• Cut resistance
• Heat resistance
• 自動車業界
• 金属加工
• 組み立て作業
• ストレージ・梱包作業・倉庫業界
• ガラス加工
Norms and certifications
EN 388
EN 407
Support Spandex, Mineral fiber, HPPE, Polyester, UHMWPE : Tsunooga™
コーティングレベル Nitrile , 手のひらコーティング
Gauge 13
Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging 12双 / 1袋, 144双 / 1箱