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Triangle Blue
OP-785 OPTY™

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Xtended Performances XP!™
Our PU coating does not derogate to Wonder Grip' quality charter. Xtended performances XP! Smooth coating offers excellent flexibility, uncompromising anti-wear properties and a superb grip in dry environment.
Key features
Lightweight seamless liner offering sensitivity at fingertips with cut level A4/C protection
Excellent tactile sensitivity with freedom of movement
Durable and smooth PU coating, extending the use-life of the glove
Type of protection
• Cut resistance
• 組み立て作業
• 自動車業界
• ストレージ・梱包作業・倉庫業界
• 金属加工
• 公共事業
Norms and certifications
EN 388
Support HPPE, Spandex, Mineral fiber, Polyester
コーティングレベル PU , 手のひらコーティング
Gauge 13
Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging 12双 / 1袋, 144双 / 1箱